Babies & Photographers Association (BPA)


We have a team of experts in their fields.

We have created a team of experts who will support both our baby photographers and our parents and share their knowledge with us.

You will never walk alone on this photography journey. We are here to help and support you!

We have photographers, educators, speakers, gynecologists, baby sleep consultants, midwives, pregnant woman coaches, pediatricians, and regional ambassadors all around the world.

Babies & Photographers Association

Get to Know Us

  • Serap Seker – Founder – Photographer & Educator: I’ve been a baby photographer since 2013 and had the chance to work with more than 1,200 babies from 88 different countries. I have over 700 photography students. I aimed to inspire, motivate and educate photographers and support them to grow their business. I’m a StandIn Baby Ambassador & LSP-Actions Featured Photographer. 
  • Volkan Seker – Founder – CMO: I worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager in corporate companies for 15 years. I worked for the biggest companies in Turkiye and Canada. I love to help photographers grow their businesses and build profitable businesses they love.
BPA Team
  •  Tugba Kobal Yılmaz – Photographer – ” Your Story ” Co-Founder: I have been a wedding and lifestyle family photographer since 2017. I’m the editor of Your Story Magazine which is created for photographers and families.
  • Sehmuz Sahbaz – Photographer Coach: I worked in corporate firms for 17 years. Last 7 years in management, career counselling and coaching of corporate and personal development as well as Turkey’s first photographer coach. In finding direction for those who still continue to learn, who want to meet with people and find direction; I am a coach who supports those who want to move forward.

BPA Photo Awards Judges

BPA Photo Awards Judges



We created the best baby photo awards in the world!

The Judges are the best photographers, speakers and educators of this industry. It is a great honour and privilege to receive an award in this contest. You can proudly share your award on social media, add it to your website, display it in your studio, and show it to your customers.


We grow and develop the BPA community with inspiring photographers.

With the BPA Ambassador Program, an extension of the Baby Photographers Association, Ambassadors take an active role in building thriving photographer communities committed to developing their skills, art and business.

BPA Ambassadors establish strong connections and relationships by holding meetings and events with photographers, pregnant women and parents in their region, and play an active role in the realization of the vision of UNITY and TOGETHER.

BPA Ambassadors

BPA Healt Team

Babies & Photographers Association

You’re not alone!

We’ve put together a great team of doctors, nurses, pedagogues and teachers who will differentiate you among baby photographers, put you ahead of those who only send price lists and preparation guides, show you think about your families in every way, and create useful content that you can present to your clients.

Our team publishes valuable content for you and for your clients in our “Your Story” magazine. 

Babies & Photographers Association


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Babies & Photographers Association is an online community of photographers that brings them together, motivates, educates & awards them, and gives them the resources they need to take more photos they love.