Membership Details & Benefits

Babies & Photographers Association

BPA (Babies & Photographers Association) was established with the aim of professional recognition of Baby Photographers and growing their business, developing themselves, opening up to the world and being preferred by parents and establishing permanent connections with each other.

Join us, be recognized by your colleagues and potential customers, win international awards and be inspired. Let the World’s Best Baby Photographers rate your photos and get the opportunity to learn from them. Contribute to our blog, be our guest speaker, attend the monthly photographer meetings, have your articles and photos published in our magazine. Attend our monthly trainings and show continuous improvement.

Be The Best Photographer of the Year or Master Photographer


Photo Contests and Awards

The Best

BPA supports photographers to share their best images for babies.

Photo Contests and Awards

Small Steps Big Rewards

BPA helps and supports you in the process of learning, growth and development.

Photo Contests and Awards

Let Your Potential Customers Find You

BPA helps your marketing activities for your potential customers to find you.

With BPA, you will be an award-winning Photographer. You will develop your skills and inspire the other photographers.

BPA (Babies & Photographers Association) brings together a community of passionate photographers committed to growing in their knowledge, skills and business by providing its members with the best resources to accomplish this mission.

<em><strong>BPA PREMIUM </strong></em> UYELIK FIYATI

BPA Premium Membership Benefits

Photo Contests and Awards

Stand <strong><em>Out</em></strong>

Opportunity to participate free of charge to win an award-winning professional baby photographer in BPA Photo Contests held 6 times a year.

Photo Contests and Awards

Photographer<strong><em> Directory Listing</em></strong>

The opportunity to take part in the directory listing created for parents looking for a photographer and get inquiries. The easiest way to reach your potential customers.

Photo Contests and Awards

BPA<strong><em> ACADEMY</em></strong>

Educational resources for professional baby photographers. Access to the workshops offered only to BPA Premium Members. Free – Monthly Live Trainings.

Photo Contests and Awards

<strong><em>Your Story</em></strong> Magazine

BPA Premium Members get the world’s first magazine for both photographers and families. 

Photo Contests and Awards

Photographer<strong><em> Profile</em></strong>

A powerful profile page to get inquiries from the customers, contact information, portfolio, link to Social Media Accounts.

Photo Contests and Awards

<strong><em>IMPRESS</em></strong> Your Customers

Make a difference by using the BPA logo, badge and award logos on your social media, website and marketing materials.

Baby Photographer, Photography Contest, Awards, Pregnant and Parents, Yoga Plates

Your website<strong><em> From BPA</em></strong>

BPA supports all photographers to look professional and help them to create their brands BPA gives a free Website worth 550 USD to Premium Members.

Baby Photographer, Photography Contest, Awards, Pregnant and Parents, Yoga Plates

<strong><em>Your Story!</em></strong>

Premium Members join the ‘BPA Your Story’event for free and inspire everyone with their photos.

Baby Photographer, Photography Contest, Awards, Pregnant and Parents, Yoga Plates

<strong><em>Show Yourself!</em></strong>

Your blog posts, portfolio, videos, and services stand out in the Photographer Directory Listing and you get the chance to show yourself more to your potential customers.

Membership Details

BPA membership is for Baby Photographers from all around the World.




Services Included in Membership Fees:



  • Rated by the World’s Best Baby Photographer Jury for Gold and Premium Members
  • Free Participation in 6 Award Competitions to be held throughout the year (Gold and Premium Membership)
  • Gold Members participate in each contest with 1 photo and Premium Members participate in each contest with their first 3 photos FREE.
  • Premium Members can participate in the BPA Your Story Contest with 1 photo for Free.
  • Ödül Kazanan Fotoğrafçılar, Uluslararası BB-Awards’a seçtiği 1 fotoğrafı ile ücretsiz katılma şansı elde eder.
  • Create a Photographer Profile
  • Receive messages and offers from potential customers who are looking for photographers
  • Participation in Photographer Meetings to be held by BPA Ambassadors
  • Full access to the dedicated BPA Member Community, Facebook and WhatsApp Group,
  • Accessing special discount codes received from photography vendors (Premium)
  • Free participation in Monthly Trainings (Premium)
  • Get the opportunity to use unique BPA membership badges on the Website, Social Media Accounts and display them to your Customers.