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Rachel Vanoven

Rachel Vanoven

Family Fly on the Wall  – INTENSIVE

Come hang out with me while I photograph a family of seven for a sunset session in Indiana! This video focuses heavily on posing, prompts and my session flow! 

In this nearly uncut video, you’ll watch my entire process, including what I bring to every session, how I use an assistant, what to do when kids meltdown and my MOST asked question: 

How do you get seven people in focus while shooting wide open?

Serap Seker

Serap Seker


Baby Steps are specifically designed for the beginning and also advancing photographers who seek to grow, refine and scale their photography business.

You will learn and master these 5 workflows without any secrets.

  • Editing & Shooting Workflow
  • Posing & Lighting Workflow
  • Marketing Workflow
  • Client Workflow
  • Admin Workflow
Marta Ponsko

Marta Ponsko

Maternity Workshop – Italy April 21

I would like to welcome you to my colourful world of maternity photography. I will show you how to create vivid and magical images showing the power and beauty of maternity as well as timeless and elegant photos which will be cherished by your customers.  This 2 days workshop will be focused on mastering styling, posing and lighting – all of which are crucial elements of a successful maternity photoshoot.



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