Client Guide for Newborn Photographers



Let your customers come prepared for the session, and make every shot go great! You can start using this 65-page client guide right away. Just put your photos and write your own business information. We prepared everything else.

How will the client change the shooting guide business?

  1. Your clients will dress beautifully when they come to the shoot: You will love the way your clients are dressed.
  2. You will show your customers that you think of everything for them and you will be organized: You will be Professional.
  3. You will Make a Difference: You will stand out from the crowd.
  4. You will increase your session fees to impress customers who value your work.
  5. You’ll save time: You won’t have to answer the same questions over and over.
  6. You will have loyal customers: They will tell everyone about your experience.
  7. You will love every single shot.
  8. You will win the hearts of your customers by printing out this guide and giving it as a gift.


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