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The bath routine is one of the most important routines for the development of the baby. The bathroom, which provides the connection and easy transition between nutrition and sleep; adds convenience to our lives with the practicality and healthiness of the selected products. It is important to prioritize safety while bathing the baby and to make sure that the products you use for your baby’s peaceful dance with water are comfortable and practical! So let’s get started.

Tub selection :

First of all, you can choose a model according to your storage place and user preference in your home or bathroom. There are so many varieties that the choice is primarily up to you. Let’s review the options.

  • Folding mini bathtubs
  • Legs foldable tubs
  • Bathtub Only
  • Extra legged Bathtub set
  • Bathtubs with changing unit
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • With unloader
  • Bathtubs with thermometer and shampoo area
  • Newborn apparatus

You can choose extra support products according to these choices.

Tub net:

Especially in the newborn period and if it is your first baby, it will be very convenient for you to use a bathtub net. However, considering that you will take a bath every day, it would be very correct to choose the ones with towels so that you can buy 2-3 pieces and be sure that they are cleaned. In other products, the drying time is long and it will not be very healthy with the possibility of remaining shampoo residue.

Mug and Bucket :

Babies’ wash water should be between 36 – 37 degrees. Since it is difficult to provide this with running water, it is necessary to prepare the bathwater in a bucket and pour the water with the help of a mug. There are two types of mugs, normal and soft chambered. You can choose whichever is easier and more convenient for you. You can get extra water thermometer

How Should Shampoo Selection Be?

I know that It’s important for you to the way your baby is delivered, the hospital and the doctor who will give birth to you. All these sensitive thoughts should continue in the products you choose for your baby. The most important point is that the shampoo that touches your skin is 100% natural. However, the choice of families is also important here. Some mothers say that they do not like the smell of herbs and olive oil at all and prefer more pleasant smells. Of course, brand selection can be made according to this situation. The newborn baby’s hair will not need shampooing every day. You can shampoo every two days. However, it is very important to frequently restore the moisture lost by the skin with the effect of atmosphere and city water. At this point, you can choose lotion or oil.

  • My suggestion for drying at the end of the bath is a muslin towel . This is because muslin fabrics absorb liquid very quickly, the fabric dries quickly and of course, it has the right softness for the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Brush comb, combing her hair after each bath according to hair density is important for hair growth and scalp.
  • You can also use extra host-blocking newborn shampoos to prevent host formation, and you can use oils a few times.

Diaper and wet wipes It is also one of the products that leave the most question marks. It is impossible for me to make a brand recommendation on this issue, as diapers will create a different result for each baby. I refer to this subject from time to time in my posts. A diaper that is good for one baby may cause very large rashes on another. So the choice is yours. However, if you are going to change diapers for some reason, you should make a gradual transition. What does this mean?

Use the new cloth 3-4 times a day and use the old one more. After a few days, increase this number. Then you can continue to use it with pleasure and health.

It will be best for your baby’s health to choose products that do not contain protective paraben alcohol and perfume that contain pure water and pure cotton for wet wipes.

Diaper rash cream ;

To prevent diaper rash, you should take precautions before a risk occurs. Again, you can use natural anti-nappy rash creams for every diaper change. If possible, ventilating your baby’s bottom for a few minutes at each diaper change is also a useful step to prevent diaper rash.

After the bath, you should choose 100% cotton clothes that fit your baby’s body perfectly. At the end of the bath, it will be very pleasant to go to sleep with a good feed.


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